Harbor Branch Hatchery Operations

Hatchery manager Paul Wills gave the team a briefing on redfish production and research efforts underway at Harbor Branch.


Members of Harbor Branch's current redfish class of '09.

HB Karen and Richard

This is NOT an optical illusion.


Laval growout room.

A new clam hatchery in the Aquaculture Development Park has recently been added to the existing facilites and is now fully operational. The new facility demonstrates the next generation of technology in clam hatchery, larval rearing and microalgae production in support of the industry. By the end of 1998, Florida should be come the leading producer of hard clams in the U.S. and by the year 2000 , the hard clam industry is predicted to have an annual farm gate value of $50 million. harbor branch Oceanographic Institution, Inc. (HBOI) is one of the nation's premier not-for-profit oceanographic research and education facilities dedicated to the exploration of the world's oceans. HBOI is comprised of seven divisions that include: aquaculture; biomedical marine research; engineering R&D; environmental analysis and testing; marine operations technology; basic marine research and marine education.

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